V-Ray for Blender Key Features


VRayCarPaintMtl - create stunning car paint shaders complete with base, flake and coat layers. Full mapping support allows for amazing flexibility and a wide range of effects.

VRayToon shader - add an amazing cartoon-like feeling to your renderings.

Support for dispersion in refractions for VRayMtl - this option uses the new capabilities for wavelength-dependent raytracing of the V-Ray core and allows you to create stunning close-ups of refractive objects with caustics that dazzle the eye.

VRayHairMtl - a new shader, allowing hair and fur to be rendered with unprecedented control, quality, and speed.

Fast Sub-Surface Scattering Shader - V-Ray FastSSS2 material uses a pre-pass to create fast and accurate subsurface scattering effects with support for both single and multiple scattering.


Physically accurate full global illumination solutions - create accurate GI solutions using a combination of the provided global illumination methods.

Physically accurate lights - create realistic illumination using physically-based lights, including IES lights and true area lights with support for texture mapping.

V-Ray Light Lister - quickly set up and adjust complex lighting.


Option to turn off camera motion blur - V-Ray gives you a separate control to enable or disable the motion blur coming from the movement of the camera.

Shutter efficiency for motion blur - render more realistic motion blur with manual control over the camera shutter efficiency.


Stereoscopic setup - use the stereo rig helper to quickly set up stereoscopic images and animations. In addition, the built-in support for shade maps allows for much faster rendering of Depth of Field and Motion Blur effects with or without stereoscopy.

Dynamic loading of tiled OpenEXR - load tiled OpenEXRs on the fly with the help of the new and improved VRayHDRI texture.

On-demand geometry loading from the disk - use V-Ray Proxy to render millions of polygons at maximum memory efficiency by storing the geometry on the hard drive.

Displacement mapping - precisely control the displacement on a per object basis with the V-Ray Displacement modifier.

Three different image sampling methods - fast anti-aliasing engines to fit any case and requirements.

Faster rendering of dynamic geometry - new internal optimizations have led to even faster multi-core rendering of dynamic geometry like displacement, proxies, fur and hair, etc.

Faster rendering of subdivision surfaces and Blender hair particles - the new improved core of V-Ray can render Blender hair particles and render-time subdivision surfaces much faster.


The ply2vrmesh tool can convert RealFlow .bin files to .vrmesh files - with the new version of the ply2mesh tool V-Ray users can render very large RealFlow simulations as VRayProxy objects with significantly improved memory efficiency.

Extended irradiance map viewer tool - allows the incremental merge of irradiance map files to avoid redundant information; preview of light cache files; manual deletion of unwanted samples, and usage of OpenGL display lists for more interactivity.

Img2tiledexr tool for mass conversion of many common image formats to tiled OpenEXR files

Key features may vary depending on the version of V-Ray you use. Chaos Group reserves the right to make changes in the feature list and the product itself without notice.

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