The V-Ray Training Center (VTC) is a training center which complies with the standards set by Chaos Group for training center bodies. The VTC is licensed to organize and administer trainings under the official V-Ray Training Program. VTCs also resell the Official Training Courseware to trainees.

Please check your V-Ray Training Center status/VTC ID. If you find any problems, please notify Chaos Group at

V-Ray Training Centers:

Name Country Licensed on Contact
Chaos Group Bulgaria 02 Jan 2012 website
Axis School of Visual Effecs Brazil 22 Jan 2014
Naska Digital Colombia 04 Feb 2014 website
Eureka Engineering srl Italy 18 Feb 2015 website Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano Italy 14 Dec 2014 website
State of Art Srl. Italy 06 Nov 2012 website
Trixel Jordan 01 Jun 2012 website
Expertise Training Center Lebanon 14 Nov 2012 website
UAB InfoEra Lithuania 19 Sep 2013 website
Matrix Trinity Technology & Creativity Malaysia 18 May 2012 website
DARCO Mexico 29 Jul 2013 website
ProGrupa Poland 23 Mar 2015 website
Training Center Specialist at Bauman MSTU Russia 19 Jul 2012 website
Innocom Technologies Pte Singapore 28 May 2012 website
Learn 3D South Africa 03 Jul 2014
Artefaktos 3D&FX School Spain 31 Oct 2014 website
CICE, La Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías Spain 17 Jul 2013 website
FX Animation Spain 20 Oct 2014 website
RENDERS'FACTORY creativity training for architecture & engineering Spain 27 Oct 2014 website
Creative Tools Sweden 30 Mar 2012
Gemhorn Inc Taiwan 17 Jun 2013 website
CGworld USA 23 Mar 2012 website

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