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The Chaos Academy will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about V-Ray, right from the source.


With our certification programs, we’ve been on a mission to train V-Ray® professionals and mentors, who can spread their knowledge across the world. The Academy’s trainers include some of our top 3D artists, who will show you best practices and provide support on a one-to-one basis.

Interested in joining Chaos® Academy and becoming a V-Ray guru? There are two programs that you can attend, upon a short application process:

For Professionals

The Chaos Academy for Professionals is designed for beginner - or intermediate-level V-Ray users, students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge and develop their skills. The program is a perfect fit for anyone who’s passionate about rendering and wants to boost their career and stand out from the crowd. 

This two-day intensive training takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The certification is currently available for V-Ray for 3ds Max and V-Ray for SketchUp.

For V-Ray Mentors

The Chaos Academy for V-Ray Mentors is designed for educators, tutors, professors and high-level professionals who are eager to spread their V-Ray knowledge. V-Ray Mentors go on to become local evangelists, organizing workshops, lectures and courses on how to create photorealistic renders using V-Ray. 

This three-day intensive training takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The certification is currently available for V-Ray for 3ds Max.

V-Ray Mentors

V-Ray Mentors are our trusted partners in spreading V-Ray knowledge across the world. They are officially certified professionals of the highest rank who organize their own V-Ray workshops, training, courses and curriculum. They can also accredit future V-Ray Certified Professionals at an individual, group or corporate level. 

See the list below to find a mentor, who can help you with anything you need to know about V-Ray. You can get in direct contact to request training.

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Chaos Academy for professionals

Overland Park, KS, USA | Online

We have joined forces with our partner Trinity Animation, Inc., to bring V-Ray knowledge directly to our users in the USA. Join Trinity at the next Chaos Academy for V-Ray for 3ds Max and V-Ray for SketchUp to take your rendering skills and knowledge to a higher level. To learn more, visit Trinity’s website.

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