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© Outpost
© Outpost

Outpost - Paper World

A lo-fi ad which makes use of high-tech software.

The Outpost’s Paperworld advertisement, for stroller company Joolz, looks into the imagined future of a young couple expecting a baby. It changes their world from the real one into a paper one: buildings furl together, streets unravel, an aeroplane folds into existence. It feels like a friendlier, cosier version of Christopher Nolan’s city-bending movie Inception.


It’s a good example of how bold imagination and coherent vision can create something just as eye-catching as an explodey effects sequence. The poly count here is low, but this works in the ad’s favour because everything looks like it’s meticulously folded out of sheets of paper. The transitions between the real and paper worlds are seamlessly handled, too.

The Outpost has also released a making of video, which highlights lots of background details you may have missed.

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