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Den Brooks © Pearl Studio
Den Brooks © Pearl Studio

Pearl Studios – 360fly

Pearl Studio gets its hands dirty for 360fly’s action cam

It may look like a stealth baseball, but the 360fly is, in fact, a 360-degree action camera. It neatly uses a lens in conjunction with parabolic mirror to record everything going on around it, and then uses software to unwrap the image. It’s part of a burgeoning movement – 360-degree videos are compatible with YouTube and Facebook, and it’s a quick and easy way to generate pseudo-VR content.

Den Brooks © Pearl Studio

While most consumer tech campaigns tend to concentrate on making things look slick and super clean, action cameras are sold on their robust and weatherproof nature. Pearl Studio’s product design imagery for the 360fly posits the camera in gnarly situations: next to a broken skateboard, strapped to a surfboard about to enter its first tube, or covered with horizontal icicles from a snowboarding trip. Each picture tells a story, and it’s testament to how well V-Ray – which was on render duty here – can make things look beautifully used.

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