Pixomondo - Theme Park Domes

The big screen gets even bigger...

Large-scale experiences can be every bit as immersive as virtual reality ones. You don’t have to strap on a headset to see these supersized cinema screens—and you can still see and talk to the person sitting next to you.

Such enveloping experiences don’t come much bigger than Pixomondo’s domes. Theme park attendees are strapped into moving banks of seats and blasted with wind, scent, mist, and water. These elements are synced with custom movies projected onto a 65 by 40 foot curved dome, which immerses the audience in flights over China’s Hubei Province, or takes them on a journey into deep space.


To create the imagery, the team at Pixomondo uses up to 90,000 drone-shot photographs processed through a cloud-based photogrammetry tool, with additional CG elements and sequences. This smorgasbord is then processed through V-Ray to output 6.5K files.

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