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RealtimeUK © Sparkypants Studios
RealtimeUK © Sparkypants Studios

RealtimeUK - Dropzone

An epic follow-up to the incredible Smite trailer.

Earlier this year, the frenetic action of RealtimeUK’s trailer for “Smite” completely blew us away. Now the company’s trailer for real-time strategy game "Dropzone" has blown us away even more - so much that we're actually in space.

This time the energy levels are slightly lower, but this allows the game's characters, and their dialogue, to take center stage. The level of detail, character and environment design, and direction make it feel more suited to big screens than little ones.

The trailer was created in 3ds Max, with Chaos Group’s V-Ray handling the rendering. As a more talky piece than "Smite", it was a great chance for RealtimeUK to push its character pipeline in terms of lip syncing and speech, too. The company has posted fascinating behind the scenes videos on how it combined mocapped data with animation, and a behind the scenes look those stomach-churningly wonderful bug-squishing animations. And there are some wonderful renders on its website.

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before RealtimeUK becomes RealtimeHollywood.

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