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The Boundary – Renzo Piano

V-Ray adds a touch of zen to Renzo Piano’s 87 Park.

87 Park is a luxury residential building situated on the cusp of the Atlantic Ocean. Architect Renzo Piano (Paris’ Centre Georges Pompidou, London’s The Shard) has brought a touch of his Italian origins to the Miami project, creating an airy and weightless building which is at once delicate and impressive.

In order to envisage the interiors and exteriors building, the developer turned to UK-based architectural visualization company The Boundary. The company modeled the entire environment, so they could easily relight it for different times of day, generate 360-degree panoramas, and even export it to virtual reality.  This also minimized the post-production stage of the project.

Renzo Piano

While the building’s shiny windows and hard surfaces shine look suitably dazzling, it’s the gently swaying foliage that really sells the piece. The gigabytes of trees and shrubs were created in GrowFX, which also allowed for animation.

To render the colossal project, The Boundary used V-Ray via Rebusfarm’s cloud. The resulting film will make you want to reach for a fresh piña colada as you bathe in the warmth of the setting sun.

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