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FMX 2019 recap

Chaos Group brings together stars of animation, visual effects and mixed reality for behind-the-scenes access and demonstrations of the versatility of V-Ray.

Johanne Beaupied and Dorian Marchesin – Unit Image

Games, movies and commercials with two talented employees of burgeoning French VFX studio.

Tomasz Wyszolmirski and Vlado – Live at FMX 2017

Chaos Group’s co-founder and Dabarti’s director answer GPU and V-Ray questions at digital arts fest.

Volker Engel - Uncharted Territory

Heading into Uncharted Territory.

Richard Edlund

The incredible career of one of the most important people in the visual effects industry

Jonas Skoog - Bläck Studios

Jonas Skoog of Bläck Studios tells us about working with a coalition ff VFX studios in Stockholm as well as his passion for digital humans

Andreas Feix & Francesco Faranna - Citipati

Andreas Feix and Francesco Faranna talk about the VES award winning short Citipati and their lives at Filmakademie

Year in Review 2015

Lon, David, and Chris discuss what happened in 2015

Dariush Derakhshani

Dariush Derakhshani talks about his career in teaching

Andrea and Christian from Luxx Studios

We talk to Andrea Block and Christian Haas about the work for Luxx Studios

Mackevision Part 1

Mackevision talks about their VFX work, including Game of Thrones

Wikihuman presentation at FMX 2015

The Digital Human League will be presenting their Wikihuman project at FMX 2015