Articles tagged in "ILM"

Matt Wallin — VFX Artist, FXGuide Podcast Co-Host and Professor

“The Matrix,” “Star Wars” and “King Kong” VFX artist — and fxguide podcast co-host — tells Chris how and why he made the jump from production to academia.

Hal Hickel — ILM

From singing raisins to raising the dead: ILM animation director talks ethics, uncanny valleys — and animatronic teddy bears.

Johan Thorngren – ILM

A closer look at the generalist group inside ILM.

Jeff White - ILM

How ILM bred a new version of cinema’s greatest ape

Richard Edlund

The incredible career of one of the most important people in the visual effects industry

Janelle Croshaw - Digital Domain

Janelle Croshaw talks about her career in VFX including many of it's challenges.

Blake Sweeney - Method Studios

We speak to Blake Sweeney, head of software at Method Studios.