Blur – Tom Clancy The White Masks

Blur digitizes Angela Bassett for this game teaser

Kevin Margo is a regular visitor to Chaos Group’s labs, and he’s helping us reshape the visual effects industry with his short film Construct. But when he’s not figuring out how to stream cloud rendered visuals in realtime, he works at Blur Studios on phenomenally good video game trailers.

One of the latest entries on his resume is a trailer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It features a stunning digital recreation of actress Angela Bassett as she delivers an ominous message concerning a new bioterrorist threat—and tells the player how they can help prevent it.

Blur Studio

It’s testament to Margo’s many skills that the trailer works so well. The worried look on the digital Bassett’s face, and the quiver of her bottom lip, drive home the message that this is very serious indeed, while cutaways to the terrorists concocting lethal biological agents or the counter-terrorist units getting tooled up give the audience hope—and something to get excited about.