V-Ray 3 for Rhino - Out Now

Find out how easy it is to create great-looking renders right in Rhino

Designed for architects and product designers, V-Ray 3 for Rhino is a powerful, professional rendering plugin. Optimized to run on CPU or GPU hardware, it’s fast and interactive. The latest version includes over 500 drag-and-drop materials, and a streamlined interface which will speed up your design workflow.

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See what's new in V-ray 3 for Rhino with our in-depth webinar.

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Top new features of V-Ray for Rhino include:

V-Ray Swarm — Our powerful, scalable distributed rendering system that's simple and fast.
Section cuts — Create quick cutaways and section renders with V-Ray Clipper.
Aerial perspective — Add realistic atmospheric depth and haze.
Denoiser — Automatically remove noise—and cut render times by up to 50%.
Virtual Reality — Render VR-ready content for popular virtual reality headsets.