V-Ray for Unreal webinar — watch now!

The latest V-Ray for Unreal update is packed with great new features. Join CG Specialist Valentin Yovchev to discover how to make the most of them.

V-Ray for Unreal is changing the way architects, designers and artists work — and our latest update has made this software more versatile and easier-to-use than ever before.

To guide you through the new features, CG Specialist Valentin Yovchev has put together an in-depth webinar. This 30-minute presentation is the perfect way to find out how V-Ray for Unreal can help in real-world scenarios, and discover the techniques and workflows which will take your projects to another level.

Topics include:

  • Data preparation, including geometry checks and material optimizations
  • Exporting from content creation tools (3ds Max)
  • Importing with V-Ray for Unreal and Datasmith
  • Light setup
  • Look development
  • Light baking
  • Reflections and post-process effects

...and more!

Inspired? Try the latest version of V-Ray for Unreal.