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V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 2 brings NVIDIA RTX card support

V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 2 includes support for NVIDIA RTX cards, easier proxy asset and material management, Rhino decals, Grasshopper optimizations and more.

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We've updated V-Ray Next for Rhino with new features to make it easier and faster to create great renders. Check out the highlights in this video:

New features in V-Ray Next for Rhino, update 2 include: 

  • RTX support — Boost your V-Ray GPU performance with NVIDIA RTX technology.
  • Decals support — With support for Decals, you can add images to paintings, signs, screens and more. Decals work with both native and V-Ray materials.
  • Proxy mesh materials — Import or create a proxy mesh asset and V-Ray will automatically generate a set of material slots, making it easier to manage materials.
  • V-Ray for Grasshopper enhancements — A number of improvements including bitmap textures, vertex colors, virtual reality camera types and many more.
  • Partial scene export — Export only selected objects as a .vrscene file containing geometry and the applied materials.
  • Improved materials — The underlying shading structure of all scene materials is optimized. Material attributes can now be added or removed based on the user’s needs.
  • Color assistant — Choose the exact color you need with the right hue, saturation and value variation with the Color Assistant, V-Ray Color Picker's new extension.
  • VRscans Tri-planar texture - It’s easy to apply VRscans materials to objects, removing the need for explicit UV mapping.
  • Extended script access — The updated V-Ray scripting API provides more options to start a render. You can save and load settings from a .vropt file for even more control over your scene setup.
  • Color theme — A new “Bright” color theme is now available so you can change the appearance of your V-Ray user interface.

Visit the V-Ray Next for Rhino product page to discover what else we have added.

This update is free for all V-Ray Next for Rhino clients, who have purchased a perpetual license or have an active term license.

Want to find out how V-Ray Next for Rhino makes it easy to create great renders? Try V-Ray Next for Rhino free for 30 days. 

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