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V-Ray for developers

SDKs & integration technologies

Our unique SDKs are designed to integrate the Academy Award-winning, photorealistic rendering capabilities of Chaos® V-Ray® into any software application.


For businesses of any size, in any industry, our developer tools and integration kits provide the flexibility to add 3D rendering to any desktop, web or mobile application.


Our extensive APIs offer the tools and controls needed to create and customize the perfect rendering workflow for your customers.

How V-Ray is used by developers?

3D Design & CAD software

Give your customers exactly what they want — the best user experience. By integrating V-Ray's powerful, yet easy to use, rendering software right into your 3D design or CAD application, you give users the power to visualize their designs in a whole new way.

Our SDKs come with helpful code examples and built-in presets to make integration as fast and easy as possible.

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Product configurators & marketing tools

Boost sales with interactive 3D configurators and collaborative applications. Whether online or in the store, give users the ability to interact with virtual cars, rooms or consumer electronics — right from a browser, smartphone or VR headset.

Speed up your development time with plug-and-play rendering. With V-Ray's developer tools and integration kit, the hard work is already done for you. So you can focus on what your customers want and what your sales team needs.

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V-Ray extensions & render management

V-Ray's flexible plugin architecture provides everything you need to customize your application's rendering capabilities — from custom materials* to productivity tools and automation scripts.

And when you need additional rendering power, V-Ray developer tools are fully compatible with network rendering, command-line rendering, and distributed rendering.

*Currently supported for V-Ray for 3ds Max and V-Ray for Maya

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V-Ray App SDK

High-level software development kit that lets you add the full power of V-Ray rendering to any application — from simple scripted workflows to seamless native integrations. API bindings for Python, C#.NET, Javascript and C++ are included.

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V-Ray Cloud SDK

Software development platform for fast V-Ray integration in 3D web applications. Includes tools for managing interactive cloud rendering that is instantly instantly streamed back to the user.

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V-Ray Plugin SDK

Software development kit for V-Ray for Max and V-Ray for Maya that allows the creation of V-Ray compatible materials, textures, lights, atmospheric effects, cameras and custom geometry. It also includes the source code for some ready-to-use V-Ray plugins.

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V-Ray Standalone

V-Ray Standalone is a full-featured command-line renderer that supports V-Ray’s complete feature set, including CPU & GPU rendering capabilities, through its proprietary .vrscene file format.

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V-Ray for Unreal Publisher

Coming soon. Connect interactive configurators, virtual tours and VR experiences created in the Unreal Engine with on-demand ray traced rendering from V-Ray.

Native integration with V-Ray

V-Ray rendering technology is available for native integration with any 3rd party modeling and rendering application. Get in touch for partnership opportunities.

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