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Master the Art of V-Ray


We appreciate the value of a great education. Chaos Group’s licensing and pricing policy for education is designed to enable educators and academic institutions with the tools to provide a quality education in visualization. The policy offers flexibility, transparency and volume discounts to help academia quickly and easily purchase any product in Chaos Group’s education portfolio.



Any academic institution which offers a degree, and is dedicated to teaching their enrolled students, are welcome to join the V-Ray Academic Program. These include public and private universities, colleges, junior colleges, elementary, middle, high schools, and technical schools.

One specific feature is that Filmakademie gives you the freedom to choose how you work on your project. They provide an extraordinary infrastructure and let you design your pipeline. As you participate in the design of your own pipeline, you try things out and you get a better understanding of the whole production process.

Andreas Feix and Francesco Faranna, VFX Society Best Student Film award winners, Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg