© Ghirardini Federico
© Ghirardini Federico

V-Ray Certified Professional


If you’re a passionate V-Ray user, you and your career may benefit from becoming a V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP). To become a VCP, you’ll need to take an exam designed to test your knowledge and evaluate your skills.



Attending a certification exam


To take the V-Ray Certification Exam you’ll need to visit a Chaos Group Authorized Certification Center. Upon successful completion of the V-Ray Certification Exam, you’ll be issued with a VCP Certificate, supplied as a PDF. 

Chaos Group is constantly expanding the network of training and certification centers. If you do not find a training center in your country contact us at education@chaosgroup.com


Pricing and certificate validity


100 EUR* per exam.The VCP certificate is non-expiring.

* Recommended end-user price. Does not include VAT.


During our masterclasses we’ve lead students to be very skilled in the use of V-Ray, and we offer professional certification to those interested. Through V-Ray certification, students are recognized by Chaos Group as product specialists and they can present themselves to employers with a distinct advantage.

Gianpiero Monopoli, Director, State of Art Academy