Chaos Group Authorized Training Center

Overview and eligibility


The Chaos Group Authorized Training Center (CG ATC) program has been created for training center organizations who wish to offer high quality V-Ray training, be recognized as Chaos Group official training centers and take advantage of the benefits included in the ATC program. The CG ATC program does not include educational licenses. If your training center does not have V-Ray licenses, please check Training center’s access to educational licenses first.

It is mandatory for CG ATCs to have certified V-Ray Licensed Trainer (VLT). Only training centers that have a VLT are eligible to apply for CG ATC status. The trainer examination is free of charge and is preliminary step before you be able to finish your CG ATC purchase.

Training centers and on-line schools which conduct V-Ray training as part of their programs, or host V-Ray dedicated short or long-term programs, are eligible to buy CG ATC pack after a short approval process. You must have a certified VLT to purchase the CG ATC program.


Easy Process

  • Fill-in the application form
  • Expect approval within 5 working days
  • Receive financial documentation and submit payment
  • Get activated your 1-year CG ATC program



The Chaos Group Authorized Training Center (CG ATC) program requires payment of annual fee as outlined below. Upon approval of your application you will receive a pro-forma invoice for completing the payment. Once we receive payment, your status as a CG ATC will be activated for one year and your contact information will be uploaded to CG ATC page.

CG ATC key features


  • Recognition as Chaos Group Authorized Training Center with V-Ray logos and branding
  • Promotion on the Chaos Group website
  • Free access to training resources for the licensed trainer. For more information please check our Learning Recourses in the educational section of our website - V-Ray for 3ds Max Courseware, V-Ray for Maya Courseware, V-Ray for Sketchup Courseware
  • V-Ray logos and branding for the trainer to recognize them as a V-Ray licensed trainer
  • A numbered digital certificate for the training center
  • CG ACC (Chaos Group Authorized certification center) status. - CG ACC authorized entities can host VCP (V-Ray Certified Professional) certification exams, and generate additional revenue

CG ATC pack – important information:


The most important requirement to get CG ATC status is to have a successfully certified V-Ray Licensed Trainer (VLT), who will need to attend certification exam before you place an order. By following few simple steps, your request will be evaluated and you’ll be approved to finish your purchase.

  • Fill and submit to the application form
  • The evaluation will be based on the information that we will collect both from your application form and web site, such as course descriptions and information on the certified trainer. If you do not have certified trainer please follow the steps listed in the application form and submit a request for a trainer examination. Once you have a successfully examined trainer, you will be able to finish the CG ATC order
  • If your application is successful within 5 working days, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a proforma invoice attached
  • After payment confirmation, you will receive CG ATC and CG ACC logos, a numbered digital certificate, and a document with detailed information for V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP) Exam sessions organization
  • Your training center will be listed at the CG ATC page
  • You’ll have full access to Chaos Group’s training resources
  • If you’d like to renew your CG ATC status after an year, you’ll need to repeat the evaluation process. We’ll need to know how the V-Ray educational licenses have been used, information on your courses, and the number of trained students. This is also a chance for you to give us feedback on our educational products. 

Want to apply for Chaos Group ATC Program?