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Taking education to new heights

Helping with the challenges of education, the Chaos Group official training program is designed to let educators focus on what they do best. We provide proven, customizable curriculum, guidance and assets for every level of teaching V-Ray.

Chaos Group’s V-Ray for Maya Training Program for educators has been an amazing success here at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), leading to V-Ray becoming one of our principal renderers across both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. 

Sofronis Efstathiou, Principal Lecturer and Festival Director, Bournemouth University, NCCA

V-Ray for Maya Training Program For Educators


The V-Ray Training Program for Educators is a complete V-Ray for Maya knowledge and skills development program. The program is designed to accomodate different styles of teaching and features class material that are fully customizable for specific needs and approaches to education.

Training program

Our curriculum is modular, with all the necessary lectures, lesson plans, demonstration tutorials and practice assignments to quickly set up classes. Everything is designed to work with you, to fit your training needs and accommodate different approaches to teaching.

The program includes over 30 hours of extensive training and practice, and is available to academic institutions and training centers.


The program is available to faculty staff at academic institutions, as well as V-Ray licensed trainers at authorized training centers.