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Taking education to new heights


Chaos Group’s official coursewares are designed to help educators focus on what they do best. We provide proven, customizable resources, guidance, and assets which accommodate every level of teaching V-Ray.

Our modular courseware includes lectures, lesson plans, handouts, demonstration tutorials, scenes & assets, and practice assignments. You can quickly set up classes with over 40 hours of extensive training and practice. Everything is designed to fit your teaching approaches.

The courseware is based on the concept of learning cycles, a proven method for teaching adults. This concept splits each lesson into three distinct cycles, and for each of these educators are provided with class materials.

  • Lecture
    This introduces the theory of the topic, and makes the connection between CG and the real world.
  • Demonstration
    Topics discussed in the lecture are put into action by the educator.
  • Activity
    Students gain vital hands-on experience by reproducing what they have seen, or doing additional assignments.

Watch our training courseware overview video to find out how to setup an example lesson with our resources.


Chaos Group’s coursewares form part of the academic institutions pack of computer lab licenses. They’re available to faculty and staff at academic institutions and training centers.

카오스그룹의 교육자용 V-Ray for Maya 트레이닝 프로그램은 National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA)에서 큰 성공을 거두고 있으며 V-Ray는재학생뿐만 아니라졸업생들을 위한 교육 과정에서도 가장 중요한 렌더러가 되고 있습니다. 

Sofronis Efstathiou, Principal Lecturer and Festival Director, Bournemouth University, NCCA