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GPU speed. Powered for production.

V-Ray GPU is full-featured 3D GPU rendering software that delivers fast, photorealistic results and instant feedback while you work.



Maximize your hardware

Unlike other renderers, V-Ray® GPU maximizes interactive performance by using all of your GPUs and/or CPUs — and delivers identical results.

What about my CPU render farm? No problem. Take advantage of GPU speeds on your local workstation and then render on CPUs in your render farm knowing you'll get the same quality regardless of hardware configurations.

See what's new.

New in V-Ray GPU Next.
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Adaptive dome light

Get 2x faster render speeds with the new Adaptive Dome Light for image-based lighting.

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Interactive rendering with AI Denoiser

Get instant feedback on lighting, materials and the overall look of your scene with the new AI Denoiser.

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Smart UI

The new contextual UI automatically adapts to your V-Ray GPU workflow. Currently available in 3ds Max and Maya.

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Volume rendering

Render 3D volumetric effects like smoke, fire and fog faster than ever with GPU acceleration.

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V-Ray GPU key features

Forest pack support

Render incredibly detailed scenes by taking advantage of Forest Pack's powerful scattering toolset.

Forest color support

Add realism and color variation to your scene with Forest Pack's unique Forest Color maps.

Color to bump map

Use any texture map — including procedural textures — as a bump map with the Color to Bump node.

Bercon noise

Popular third-party shader for creating procedural noise with fine control.

Stochastic flakes

Create perfect-looking car paints with procedural metallic flakes. Works great for snow and sand, too.

Displacement & hair

Render those extra fine details in your scene with realistic hair and displacement.

V-Ray Clipper

Easily create cutaways and section views with full control over materials and lighting effects.

Low GPU thread priority

Set your GPU device to low thread priority so you can keep working in the viewport while you render.

Render elements

Render a wide range of beauty, utility and matte passes for better artistic and technical control in compositing.


Full support for NVIDIA NVLink, a high-bandwidth interconnect that shares video memory between graphics cards.

Multi-GPU support

V-Ray GPU supports as many GPUs as your system recognizes for ultrafast workflows.

Identical CPU results

V-Ray GPU produces the same result on CPUs, allowing you to leverage local or cloud networks with ease.

Rendered in V-Ray GPU

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Powered by V-Ray GPU.

V-Ray GPU comes within the following V-Ray products.
We suggest starting new projects with V-Ray GPU to maximize your creative speed.
You can always transition from V-Ray GPU to V-Ray without losing any work.

GPU hardware

V-Ray GPU supports any CUDA-capable GPU including most NVIDIA GPUs from the past 7 years (Kepler generation or later).

When running on CPUs, performance is similar to V-Ray. But it's many times faster when you include one or more GPUs. See how fast V-Ray GPU is on different hardware on our V-Ray Benchmarks page.

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