Realtime UK 20 World of TanksRealtimeUK ©
Realtime UK 20 World of TanksRealtimeUK ©

RealtimeUK hits 20

Anniversary celebrated with greatest hits video.

Game cinematic and CG imagery company RealtimeUK turns 20 this year, and to celebrate it’s posted a greatest hits video.

This trip down memory lane goes from a very 90s-looking phone render, to low-res and low-poly models, to photorealistic characters with complex facial animations. It's astonishing to see how quickly the imagery evolves through the company's work with SEGA, Amazon and Hi-Rez Studios.

The company’s used V-Ray since 2002, so from 20 seconds in you can see how Chaos Group’s renderer has progressed. We can’t wait to see 2036’s video!