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Phoenix FD for Maya Bundle Promo 2016Zoic Studios @ Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment
Phoenix FD for Maya Bundle Promo 2016Zoic Studios @ Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment

The world’s most powerful 3D renderer brings you fluid dynamics

Get Phoenix FD with V-Ray for Maya and save up to 39%

V-Ray for Maya + Phoenix FD Bundle Price Offer​

Phoenix FD 3 for Maya is now available and the latest version is packed with new and improved features.

With an improved fire and smoke solver and powerful liquid FLIP solver, you can simulate realistic fire, smoke, liquids, ocean waves, splashes, spray, and mist faster than ever before. 

Phoenix FD integrates seamlessly to Maya and is optimized to render with V-Ray.

With the release of Phoenix FD 3 for Maya, we are offering a special bundle promotion for both new license and upgrades. 

New seats of V-Ray 3 for Maya and Phoenix FD:
€1000 / $1390 / £860  (save 26%)

Upgrade from V-Ray 2 to V-Ray 3 for Maya and add Phoenix FD:
€550 / $760 / £470 (save 39%)


What's new in the latest release of Maya

V-Ray for Maya Adaptive Lights

Fast new lighting algorithm that speeds up rendering in scenes with many lights.

V-Ray for Maya IPR

New in-process IPR starts instantly, updates faster and uses less memory. Changes to materials in the Hypershade Material Viewer are made in real time.

V-Ray for Maya Buffer Tools

Speeds up look development on individual objects with the new Render Mask: Isolate select tool. Select objects, materials and camera focus directly in the frame buffer.

V-Ray for Maya alSurface

General-purpose shader by Anders Langlands with layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections — popular for skin.

V-Ray for Maya GPU Improvements

Render larger, more detailed scenes using a lot less memory with On-demand Mip-mapping. V-Ray’s fast GPU renderer adds support for a wider range of production features.


Stop your render at any point and continue where you left off.

Phoenix FD for Maya product page V-Ray for Maya product page