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XRender is an efficient and convenient cloud rendering service platform for animation, VFX, architecture design, interior design, industrial design and etc.As a PaaS+SaaS service platform, we are cooperating with the public clouds globally. Based on the super computing power of the public clouds, we can provide with dynamic & massive rendering nodes, cutting-edge configuration equipment, state-of-the-art data security system and the world-class transferring solution, which helps to complete the rendering of different scale projects quickly and efficiently.

V-Ray for Unreal
V-Ray for Houdini
V-Ray for Modo
V-Ray for 3ds Max
V-Ray for SketchUp
V-Ray for Maya
V-Ray for Rhino
V-Ray for Revit
V-Ray for Nuke
V-Ray for Cinema 4D

Commercial render farms listed above are the only ones authorized by Chaos to provide rendering services. For quality and security purposes, we do not support render farms not on this list.

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