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V-Ray Architecture Days USA 2018


This June, Chaos Group and partner Microsol Resources return to Boston and New York with inspirational talks and news straight from the source. An unimissable speaker line up will reveal today's hottest releases, and offer an exclusive glimpse at the workflows of the near future in V-Ray for 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, and Unreal.




June 11, 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Boston Society of Architects/AIA, 290 Congress Street, Suite 200 Boston, MA 02210

V-Ray Architecture Day Boston will kick off this year's event with V-Ray Next demonstrations, a special session on V-Ray's ray-tracing power directly in Unreal, guest keynotes, and a panel discussion on the latest challenges for visualization in AEC.



June 13, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM, The Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place NY, NY 10012

The New York Center for Architecture will set the stage for demonstrating the latest in Chaos Group's rendering technology. You'll witness the power of V-Ray Next for 3ds Max, our ray-tracing venture into the interactive territories of Unreal, and the latest V-Ray updates in SketchUp, Rhino and Revit. And guest presenters will show you how to make the most of cutting-edge tech in the real world.

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V-Ray Architecture Day Boston
June 11

5:00 PM Drinks and networking
5:15 PM Welcome keynote – Emilio Krausz, Microsol Resources
5:30 PM Coming up Next: V-Ray's Future in AEC – Lyudmil Vanev, Chaos Group
6:15 PM From Photoreal to Unreal: Rendering Ray Traced Images with V-Ray for Unreal – Simeon Balabanov, Chaos Group
6:45 PM Break
7:00 PM Keynote presentations – Bob Lowe (Arrowstreet), David Hamel (Payette), Raha Ahmad (Payette) Ben Kou (Sasaki)
8:00 PM Solving Challenges for Visualizing Complex AEC Workflows – Guest panel discussion, Moderator: Michael Kyes (SMMA)

New York

V-Ray Architecture Day New York
June 13

8:30 AM Breakfast and networking
9:00 AM Welcome keynote – Emilio Krausz, Microsol Resources
9:10 AM Coming up Next: V-Ray's future in AEC – Lyudmil Vanev, Chaos Group
10:00 AM From Photoreal to Unreal: Rendering Ray Traced Images with V-Ray for Unreal – Simeon Balabanov, Chaos Group
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Keynote presentations – Mengyi Fan & Christopher Morse (SHoP Architects), Greg Rogers (WeWork), Daniel Cashen (Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP), Gabor Cseh, Steve Chappell (DBOX)
12:00 PM Solving Challenges for Visualizing Complex AEC Workflows – Guest panel discussion; Moderator – James Vandezande (HOK)


Getting the Most Out of Your AEC Technology Investments

Emilio Krausz, Microsol Resources

During the welcome keynote, Emilio Krausz founder of Microsol Resources shows how he helps clients get the most out of their technology investments. As a Chaos Group Partner and Autodesk Platinum Partner, Emilio oversees the company’s CAD, BIM and visualization software sales, training, and consulting services. His passion for customer support is integral in delivering integrated solutions that help users design, simulate and analyze their ideas, increase operational efficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage with the most recent technologies.

Coming up Next: V-Ray's Future in AEC

Lyudmil Vanev, Chaos Group

Chaos Group rarely unveils new products before official release, but with V-Ray Next for 3ds Max shipping in May, our development team will be cleared to provide an exclusive sneak-peek into the future of V-Ray Next for AEC.

Lyudmil Vanev, CG specialist, will walk through the new features in V-Ray Next for SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit. You'll see the tech which makes V-Ray Next smarter, faster and more powerful, including improved adaptive dome lighting, faster GPU rendering, smarter AI-driven sampling algorithms and more. Lyudmil will reveal how the upcoming V-Ray releases address major industry trends and challenges faced by architects, designers, and visualizers.

From Photoreal to Unreal: Rendering Ray Traced Images with V-Ray for Unreal

Simeon Balabanov, Chaos Group

No one knows more about V-Ray for Unreal's features and potential than Simeon Balabanov. The head of Chaos Group's CG specialist team has overseen the development of V-Ray for Unreal from inception to advanced beta. Simeon will demonstrate how to transport V-Ray photoreal scenes into the Unreal interactive environment and render directly from Unreal. You’ll learn about materials, light baking, support for different platforms, and get an idea of the workflows we've tested. Be prepared for a few surprises!

Adaptive Storytelling with WeWork Visualization

Greg Rogers, WeWork

The V-Ray Days New York keynote presentations will include Adaptive Storytelling with WeWork Visualization. WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together. Greg Rogers, director of visualization, will talk about how his department tells stories with 3D visualization, transforming buildings into dynamic environments. Learn how the team localizes their renderings for sales and marketing purposes, and delivers immersive experiences beyond the four walls of WeWork environments.

Visualizations for Technologically Complex Buildings

David Hamel, Payette

David Hamel, Payette’s 3D visualization group manager and VR/AR lead developer, discusses how they use design visualizations of buildings for intricate and energy-intensive healthcare projects. David will also show the firm’s virtual reality efforts as an architectural design tool. He is continually looking for ways to enhance the capabilities of the core design team, and using VR to facilitate design discussion and discovery. His role in architectural design and technologies will continue to evolve in the near future, and he will discuss GPU rendering and Unreal compatibility.

User Experience of Real-Time Visualization

Mengyi Fan and Chris Morse, SHoP Architects

Real-time rendering enables visualizations to become dynamic and interactive, while AR and VR technologies produce an engagement with the physical presence of the viewer that is not present in 2D images. The user experience of these tools and spaces will become an integral part of how architects communicate their designs with clients and one other. Mengyi Fan, visualization director, and Chris Morse, VR designer of SHoP Architects will discuss their current efforts in visualization R&D and some of their experiments and design visualization workflows.

Behind the Design: A Look at Visual Storytelling

Ben Kou, Sasaki

Gain a glimpse into the creative problem solving and storytelling that tools like V-Ray enable at the multidisciplinary, global design firm, Sasaki. Ben Kou, Senior Associate at Sasaki, delves into the varied ways these tools can help to visualize and contextualize projects spanning a broad range of scales and typologies. Sasaki's projects combine master planning, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, place branding, and data science. Clients within all of these disciplines often ask for compelling graphics to convey their projects—and visualizations serve to place architecture within site context, providing both visual context and legible stories built around data that are useful to a diverse range of design conversations. Kou will examine how use of the right tools, integrated deeply into the design process, allow inter-disciplinary design teams to deliver data-rich stories across these scales.

Visual Positioning

Gabor Cseh, DBOX

Members of the DBOX team will discuss how they utilize V-Ray in their multi-disciplinary environment to create a wide range of visual content for their immersive marketing campaigns fromphotorealistic stills and animations, interior design studies and proposals, marketing environments, art installations, video projections and VR experiences. 

Uses of Visual Media for Visioning, Branding & Exhibitions

Bob Lowe, Arrowstreet

Arrowstreet discusses how they utilize visual media for the design process, and engage the clients and public with their clients’ brand. From installation art, to exhibitions, to digital data visualization, to augmented reality, many platforms are being used to inform, demonstrate, and educate using visual media.


Bob Lowe
Principal, Arrowstreet

Bob Lowe is a principal at Arrowstreet, an architecture and design firm based in Boston. He leads the firm’s award-winning Graphic Design Studio in creating innovative and effective solutions to enhance the experience of any space. From the design and development of comprehensive wayfinding programs, environmental graphics, and printed collateral, the Studio provides clients with a full range of sophisticated communication tools. Bob’s particular expertise is in the creation of photo-illustrations and visualizations for 'pre-design concepts'. This allows clients to understand the full potential of a project, prior to design and completion, and has been an invaluable design study tool for architecture and interiors. He has been committed to establishing unique, collaborative relationships with every client, including The Boston Public Library, Harvard University, and Pembroke Real Estate.

David Hamel
3D Visualization Group Manager | Associate VR | AR Lead Developer, Payette

David joined Payette in 2005 as a 3D visualization designer. David leads the firm’s virtual reality efforts with a vision to continually enhance the capabilities of the core design team. He has proven new mediums will play key roles in architectural design as both technologies continue to evolve.

Emilio Krausz
President & Founder, Microsol Resources

Having founded Microsol Resources, an Autodesk Platinum Partner over 30 years ago, Emilio oversees the company’s CAD & BIM software sales, training and consulting services. With all the innovative design technologies radicalizing the architecture, engineering and construction industry, he makes sure the company’s clients get the most out of their technology investments, design, simulate and analyze their ideas, and gain a competitive advantage to stay updated with the most recent technologies.

Gregory Rogers
Associate, Director of Visualization, WeWork

Greg Rogers is the Director of Visualization at WeWork, a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together. Their studio works with design teams and interpreting architectural designs as specified within project sketches, architectural drawings or models, and realizing those design as compelling imagery. From identifying and building a new location, to bringing that modeled space to market, the Visualization team create models of WeWork buildings with state-of-the-art systems, and improve the experience.

Lyudmil Vanev
CG Specialist, Chaos Group

Lyudmil is a CG professional with more than 10 years' experience in architectural visualization, animation and visual effects. Before joining Chaos Group, he worked as a CG specialist and compositor at some of the biggest VFX studios in Bulgaria. Currently Lyudmil lends his skills consulting and supporting some of the company's key clients, and will be the lead presenter in Boston and New York, revealing the recent and upcoming additions to Chaos Group's product portfolio.

Michael Kyes
Senior Associate, Architecture Team Leader, SMMA

Mike Kyes, a design architect of over 20 years, leads the Architecture Department within SMMA’s integrated design practice located in Cambridge, MA, and Providence, RI. He is also a known hacker, maker, sustainability advocate, and serial innovator.
Beyond the walls of SMMA, Mike collaborates with other thought leaders to forge partnerships and share knowledge to define the future of the AEC industry. He is very involved in areas of BIM, computational design, and the new maker movement. Alongside co-chair Nikki Liao, he has founded the Design Visualization Committee at the Boston Society of Architects to focus on the convergence of traditional design communication with evolving virtual experiential media.

Simeon Balabanov
V-Ray for Unreal Product Manager, Chaos Group

A CG professional with over 10 years' experience in the field of 3D modeling and rendering, including CG supervisor positions at some of the biggest animation studios in Bulgaria, Simeon is one of Chaos Group's top CG specialists. Following the start of the V-Ray for Unreal development, Simeon headed the project as V-Ray for Unreal product manager and is currently responsible for developing the product, its integration in various workflows and its deployment with key customers.

Mengyi Fan
Visualization Director, SHoP Architects

Mengyi Fan is a New York-based visual artist and the Visualization Director at SHoP Architects, where she has helped shape the visual identity and workflow of the office over the last 6 years. Her team has created imagery for multiple award-winning international projects at SHoP and pushed the boundary on technology in the arch viz field with the implementation of new software and systems over the years.

Christopher Morse
Designer, SHoP Architects

Christopher is a designer and VR specialist at SHoP Architects, where he focuses on immersive visualizations and integrating emerging technologies into all phases of the design process. Prior to joining SHoP, he was a researcher at the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University, where he developed plugins and interfaces for analog sketching within digital modeling applications.

Ben Kou
Senior Associate, SASAKI

Ben is a Senior Associate in the architecture group at Sasaki. Ben's 20-year career spans a broad range of project types, including mixed use, commercial, higher education, residential, and master planning. In addition to project work, as part of Sasaki’s Technology Steering Committee, Ben is involved in the research of software and systems for Sasaki’s workflow. Ben is also involved in current efforts in virtual reality and augmented reality, working closely with the Sasaki Strategies group, a team specializing in data visualization and software development.

Gabor Cseh
Director CGI, DBOX

Gabor joined DBOX in 2007, where he currently works as director of CGI. He is involved in many aspects of DBOX's work, including CGI imagery and animation, photography and filming, post-production and interior design. DBOX's CGI team has worked on multiple internationally recognized projects, including the Emmy® Award-winning documentary Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero in2011.

Steve Chappell
Designer, DBOX

Steve is a designer at DBOX's New York City office, where he helps lead the CGI team's workflow, pipeline and research related projects. In addition to his technical expertise he has worked on creating imagery for multiple projects in a variety of mediums including animations and VR experiences.

Daniel Cashen
SOM Associate

Daniel Cashen is a design associate with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill’s New York office. As a senior designer and with over 9 years of experience, he has worked on some of SOM’s most challenging and high-profile projects. His approach to design is predicated on an “integrated design” workflow, which seeks to consolidate a project’s planning and site constraints, performance parameters and design criteria into a singular, synthetic end-result. He leads SOM's New York office in research on virtual reality and on advanced visualization and simulation. With a focus on mixed-use, high-rise projects in China and the MENA region, he has experience with a wide range of different contextual constraints as they relate to each respective market.
Project work includes: Four Seasons Bahrain, All Aboard Florida, Guiyang Cultural Plaza Masterplan and Supertall Tower, Nanming CBD Master Plan, Hangzhou Wangchao Center; among others.

James Vandezande
Senior Principal and Director of Design Technology, HOK

James is a Senior Principal and Director of Design Technology at HOK – a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. He is considered a pioneer in the field of BIM and has lectured at many industry events including BIMForum, Autodesk University, ENR FutureTech, Urban Land Institute and the AIA National Convention. James currently serves as the chair of the US Chapter of buildingSMART International and has provided leadership on industry-shaping efforts such as the National BIM Standard and the LOD Specification. He has served as an adjunct lecturing professor at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and is the author of the best-selling book series, “Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture.”


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