Are there any upgrades to the V-Ray Collection? What if I currently own 1 or more annual V-Ray licenses across different platforms and want to get the Collection now?

If you own an active annual license for V-Ray or Phoenix FD*, you can upgrade it to the V-Ray Collection subscription at any time. You will get a credit for the “unused” part of your current annual license and automatically apply this credit against the cost of a new Collection subscription. The credit for the unused part of the original annual license is calculated dynamically, based on the price paid by you and the time remaining until expiration. The new annual license for V-Ray Collection will begin right after the upgrade. 

This offer works only on a 1:1 basis — one annual license can be upgraded to one V-Ray Collection subscription. Users cannot combine multiple active annual licenses for credit against a new V-Ray Collection subscription.

*VRscans and V-Ray Render Node licenses are not eligible.