How do I contact technical support?

All Chaos Group customers that own a genuine product license are eligible to receive technical support from our in-house team. Please note that we are providing support only to customers that own the latest major version of the product or the one preceding it.e.g. If you own V-Ray for 3ds Max Workstation version 3 or NEXT and the latest major version released by Chaos Group is NEXT you are eligible to receive support. If the latest version is NEXT and you own a 2.x product or if the latest version is 3.x and you own a 1.x product you will not be eligible to receive support until you upgrade to the latest version. Before contacting our support team make sure you have checked out our self-service options first. We have a full documentation accessible by clicking here.

In addition, you can check out our community's forum. If you are unable to find information there you can reach out to our support team in several ways:

1. Fill-out the "Contact Support" form with all relevant information & click on the "Contact Support" button

2. Send us an email to In order to provide you with a quicker resolution to the problem please make sure you include the following information in your email: Product you are using; Host Platform Version; Chaos Group Product Version; Operating System; Dongle SN (Optional); Description of the issue that you are facing.

3. In case of any urgent issues, you can also contact us via phone by dialing +359 2 422 422 1

Note: Support hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 EET/EEST