How will the transition from dongle to Online Licensing happen?

For over 15 years, hardware dongles have protected Chaos Group products from unlicensed usage. In 2015, we introduced Online Licensing (OLS) as an alternative way to license Chaos Group products. This cut out the need to ship hardware dongles and manually reprogram them with subsequent purchases. 

We’ve been maintaining dongle licensing and OLS for a couple of years now. However, to improve the way we can deliver, update and support licenses, we will transition away from hardware dongles. 

Timeline and milestones

August - September 2018: We’ve informed all channel partners and will personally inform clients via email 

September 30, 2018: The price of dongles delivered by Chaos Group will double

February 28, 2019 : The price of dongles delivered by Chaos Group will double again

November 1, 2019: End of service for hardware dongles. All existing licenses on dongles will continue to work indefinitely. However, Chaos Group will not make any changes to licenses (activate upgrades, extensions, etc.) or activate new licenses on dongles. All licensing operations beyond November 1, 2019 will be made only in OLS. 

Options and recommendations for clients

Moving forward, we recommend clients choose OLS as the licensing mechanism for future purchases and migrate any existing dongle licenses to OLS at their convenience. You can do that by reading the instructions here — note that certain limitations apply. Below you can find some general guidance based on the major version of your licenses.

Licenses on version 3 or higher

Licenses on version 3 or higher can be migrated to OLS. 

Licenses on version 2 or lower

We recommend licenses on version 2 or lower remain on dongles. You can use older licenses (version 2 or older) on dongles, and newer licenses (version 3 or higher) on OLS with the same license server.

Useful resources:

Transferring Dongle Licenses to OLS

OLS Documentation  

Working Offline - how to use the OLS to get the license for an extended period of time.