What is your pricing model?

We currently employ two types of pricing models for our products:

  • Perpetual license type - a perpetual license is purchased for a specific major version and it is not time-limited (customer could use the licensed version of the software perpetually). Owners of perpetual licenses also receive free support for the major version they own - when it is the latest major version or the previous one.
    In addition, owners of perpetual licenses are eligible to receive for free all minor updates associated with their purchased major version (e.g. if you own V-Ray for 3ds Max v 3.x, you can update for free to v 3.4, v 3.5, v 3.6, etc. However, the upgrade to v 4.x will be a paid option).
  • Rental license type - this is a time-limited option that allows the use of our products for a specific duration of time. We currently provide monthly rentals and annual rentals. The licensed software is available for use for the period of rental license validity. During your active rental period you receive free support from our in-house team and free updates and upgrades to the latest version of our software.