Licensing FAQs

How does V-Ray licensing work?

V-Ray licensing requires the following components – a dongle (hardware USB lock), where the V-Ray licenses are stored, a dongle driver (WIBU-Key driver) and V-Ray license server software. V-Ray uses a floating license system that allows access to V-Ray licenses over a network. For additional information, please refer to: How to set up your license.

How do I set up my V-Ray Licensing?

You can find step-by-step instructions for your version of V-Ray on the License Setup page in the V-Ray online help.

Can I move the dongle to another computer?

Yes. The dongle is not locked/tied to a machine. It can be moved freely between machines without any license update required. You just need to have WIBU-Key driver and the V-Ray license server installed on the new machine.

Do I need to get a new dongle if I upgrade, purchase more licenses, or purchase another product?

No. The information on the dongle can be updated on your currently owned dongle when you upgrade or purchase additional licenses or versions of V-Ray.

If you prefer, you can ask for additional dongles for new products purchased. It is your choice.

How many licenses can I have on a single dongle?

A single dongle can contain as many and different types of licenses as needed. Any number of licenses can be stored on a single dongle.

Note: If you purchase more than one V-Ray license, you can request more dongles to hold some or all of the other licenses.

Is it possible to use a dongle with a virtual machine?

In most cases, yes.

Most virtualization software will read information from a locally attached USB device. However, this use is not officially supported by the WibuKey driver (dongle driver). There are possible solutions that enable the V-Ray license server installed on a guest OS to detect and use the dongle with your licenses. If you would like assistance in pursuing this type of installation, please contact our Support Team.

Is it possible to render without a dongle plugged in?

You need the dongle plugged in and the V-Ray license server running on at least in one machine, which is dedicated for serving the licenses.  Other machines that use the floating license don’t need the dongle—they just need the V-Ray license server configuration set up to point to the machine with the dongle. For information on how to do this, please see: How to set up your license.

Can I use a single V-Ray license on more than one machine?

Yes. V-Ray uses a floating license system which allows multiple users to use V-Ray from different machines. For example, any number of users can have V-Ray installed, but only one can use it at a time if there is only one V-Ray license available. You can place the V-Ray license server on any machine you like—workstation, server, laptop or anything else. The server will spread licenses around depending on the number of licenses available.

Can I access my V-Ray license over the Internet?

Yes. V-Ray communicates with the license server just like a normal browser does using the HTTP protocol. A computer with the license server (and dongle plugged in) can be placed in one part of the world, and your V-Ray can connect to the license server from another part of the world, passing through the firewalls and proxies.

While V-Ray licenses can be used over internet, securing the connection is in your hands. The V-Ray license server itself doesn't offer any security mechanisms such as user authorization, IP restrictions, etc. The protocol that is HTTP on TCP/IP port 30304. Keep in mind that if the internet connection to the license server is slow, there can be some delays whiles working with V-Ray on remote locations.

Why do the names of the licenses look strange on: http://localhost:30304?

The reason that you see this error and the product names like "Product 0x***" is that you are using on old version of the V-Ray license server. Please make sure that you have started the license server that is part of your V-Ray installation package, or you can download it from the License Server page on the Chaos Group website (login required). 

How do I make sure I have the most up-to-date license server?

Please make sure that you have started the license server that is part of your V-Ray installation package, or you can download it from the License Server page on the Chaos Group website (login required).

Using V-Ray

I am trying to download V-Ray but I can only access the demo software.

When you register at the Chaos Group website, you are given access to demo software only. After purchase, you are provided with a login where you can get access to commercial builds. If you have purchased V-Ray but are unable to access the commercial version of the software, please contact our Support Team.

How is the demo version of V-Ray different from the licensed version?

Demo versions include all features but restrict rendering capabilities with watermarks and/or resolution limitations. You can find the specific restrictions for each demo product in its Download section. 

My images have watermarks.

Watermarks appear on renderings created with demo versions of V-Ray. If you own a V-Ray license, log onto the Chaos Group website with the login details associated with your purchase. There you will be able to download a full version of V-Ray.

How can I post to the Chaos Software support forum?

Only owners of V-Ray licenses can post in the forum. If you own at least one V-Ray license, go to the Chaos Group Forum and register, then send an email to with your username and a request to receive posting rights.

For full documentation and turorials, visit the Chaos Group Help Portal.


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