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Chaos Group has built an incredible community through our interaction with users and, in return, they've helped us stay at the cutting-edge of the CG industry. Total Chaos is our way of strengthening relationships away from computer screens and in the real world — and this is your chance to reach out with your product or service to this already-proven receptive, friendly and adventurous audience.

Celebrate community

Total Chaos brings together hundreds of bright creative souls dedicated to the art and science of computer graphics.

Connect with industry leaders

We bring a multitude of VFX stars, celebrated artists, arch-viz masters, and world-class designers to deliver unparalleled insights into their work.

Boost your brand

Claim a spot among the leaders and visionaries of the future by presenting your vision to hundreds and hundreds of talented and enthusiastic CG artists.

Connect with users

Mingle, discuss and expand your network. Very few CG events allow for the level of interaction between users and developers that Total Chaos specializes in.

Explore new opportunities

Uncover new business opportunities and partnerships at Total Chaos. Diversity is at the heart of innovation, and cross-industry exchange and collaboration are at the core of our event.

Get socialized

Total Chaos makes the ultimate impact through our reach of 215,000+ Facebook followers, 69,000+ Instagram fans, and 22,000+ Tweeters.

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