Total Chaos 2018 Recap

Exclusive content from Chaos Group’s first ever international event


See the visionary keynote, plus more presentations and interviews from Total Chaos

 Total Chaos 2018 was a blast! Over 900 visitors enjoyed two days of world-class presentations and hands-on workshops. Absolutely everything was awesome, but we’re proud to bring you some of the very best content, below.

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Opening Keynote

The keynote from Total Chaos 2018 — featuring Chaos Group co-founders Peter Miter and Vlado Koylazov with special guests Martin Enthed from IKEA, NVIDIA’s Steven Parker and Benjamin Faes from Google Cloud. Vlado announced the release of V-Ray Next for 3ds Max and Adam Hotový highlighted new features coming in Corona Renderer 2. The keynote ends with Chaos Group’s Boris Simandoff and a sneak peek at V-Ray Cloud.

Vlado Koylazov on Developing V-Ray Next

Vladimir Koylazov, Chaos Group
V-Ray Next is the brand new, hugely exciting version of V-Ray. It’s packed with new and improved features, and in the backend a super smart engine renders faster than ever before. In this talk, you’ll hear some behind-the-scenes tales, and find out about the development of the Next iteration of one of the most popular renderers for 3ds Max.

Three Years of Corona Renderer in Arch Viz

Ondřej Karlík, Render Legion
Corona Renderer was commercially released little more than three years ago, but it's already made some big changes in the architecture visualization industry. Corona introduced some previously exotic workflows to the mainstream, such as interactive rendering, path tracing without irradiance caching, and denoising. In this talk, Ondřej reviews the original vision of Corona, where it succeeded, and the challenges yet to conquer.

Behind the Portrait

Ian Spriggs, 3D Artist
Ian's work is concerned with creating emotional connections with digital humans, and in his presentation he talks about the techniques used to achieve this how we can overcome the uncanny valley, and the new challenges we face in a digital age. Many years ago, the masters created realistic portraits of their subjects using little more than a paintbrush. Today Ian uses similar ideas with a new set of tools to create 3D portraits.

IKEA VR/AR/MR and Meatballs

Martin Enthed, IKEA
In this presentation, you’ll gain insights into how IKEA is embracing the future of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and how new possibilities are explored in IKEA Digital Lab — a space to experiment, innovate, and build on these technologies. Martin explains how photorealistic computer graphic renderings are created for IKEA's printed and online productions in large volumes. And you’ll even learn how iconic meatballs fit into the equation!

Predicting Render Resources with Machine Learning

Adrian Graham, Google Cloud
The process of rendering generates data. Useful data. And LOTS of it. What can we learn from this data? How can we extract useful information from it? This talk will explore the potential for using Convolutional Neural Networks to solve some very difficult problems related to resource usage, management, and artist expectations.

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