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Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects © Brick Visual
Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects © Brick Visual

Get started with Chaos Vantage.

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You can learn anything — and Chaos Vantage is no exception.

To help you begin this journey, we've compiled a number of helpful resources. You'll find all the tutorials, webinars and documentation you need to start your real-time journey.

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Setup and installation

Our step-by-step guide will get you up and running with Chaos® Vantage (previously Project Lavina) quickly and easily.*

*Requires NVIDIA RTX GPU. See all system requirements.

Short tutorials

BIG © Brick Visual

Free webinar

See the features in Chaos Vantage in action.

Join Chaos' Lon Grohs and Simeon Balabanov, as well as guest speaker Attila Cselovszki from Brick Visual, to learn more about Chaos Vantage, see it in action and understand how it fits in your architecture workflow.

Help docs 

Chaos documentation is the best place to find in-depth explanations per feature, parameter and detailed information on various settings.  

See help docs

Chaos blog

Get all the latest Chaos Vantage news, customer stories, podcasts and more.
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