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© Anton Podvalny
© Anton Podvalny

Integrate the power of V-Ray into any application.

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Mikhail Bendus © 747 Studios
Mikhail Bendus © 747 Studios

V-Ray for home design software

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© Rapid Images
© Rapid Images

V-Ray for fashion design software

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© Ernest Koska
© Ernest Koska

V-Ray for product design software

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Simplify and accelerate the integration of V-Ray
ray-tracing technology into any application or service.

V-Ray App SDK is a high-level software development kit, offering full programmatic control over V-Ray’s feature set to companies looking to add photo-realistic & interactive 3D rendering capabilities to their software.


V-Ray® App SDK is a high-level software development kit designed to add the full power of V-Ray rendering to any application.


Integrate the same high-quality rendering that has made V-Ray the industry standard in architecture, design and visual effects.


Bring your application to market faster with V-Ray App SDK's intuitive and streamlined integration.


V-Ray App SDK supports all types of projects, from simple scripted workflows to seamless native integrations for desktop and web applications.


Choose from popular API bindings including Python, C#.NET, Javascript and C++.


V-Ray App SDK runs on any platform with the tools and flexible licensing you need to grow your business.

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Tap into V-Ray 5 rendering technology — and beyond — to build your custom software.
© Toni Bratincevic
V-Ray 5 rendering technology

V-Ray core optimizations and V-Ray GPU improvements make rendering even faster and more stable.

Beyond rendering

Interactive post-processing capabilities such as the Light Mix and the new layer-based compositor are now built right into the new V-Ray Frame Buffer.

© Den Brooks
API with improved V-Ray Proxy support

Easy import and export of data, more control when making changes to V-Ray Proxies as well as sharing data for preview or conversion.

Sheen layer

Effortless simulation of fabrics like velvet, satin and silk with the new Sheen layer added to the V-Ray Material.

Coat layer

Creating layered materials with reflective coatings is now easier than ever with the new Coat layer added to the V-Ray Material.

Car Paint 2 Material

The new V-Ray Car Paint Material’s super-realistic paint flakes take automotive renders to a whole new level.


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