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© Gonzalo Piacentino
© Gonzalo Piacentino

One license. Infinite possibilities.

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Benefits of upgrading to V-Ray Collection 

Free your workflow

Move freely between multiple 3D applications. Easily share content and work seamlessly with others.

Always up to date

Get instant access to new releases and take advantage of the latest technology.

Simplify your setup

No need to juggle versions and expiration dates. One license is the simplest and most affordable way to have it all.


Аnnual license to V-Ray Collection

  • Upgrade your active annual V-Ray® or Phoenix license* to the V-Ray Collection at any time
  • Any unused portion of the current annual license will be credited towards the purchase of V-Ray Collection. 
  • A new annual term for V-Ray Collection will begin at the time of upgrade.
  • Only 1-to-1 upgrades are allowed (1 single license to 1 V-Ray Collection license)
*Chaos Scans and V-Ray Render Node licenses are not eligible

Perpetual license to V-Ray Collection

  • Upgrade your V-Ray or Phoenix perpetual license* to V-Ray Collection and save 15% on the first year of your subscription.
  • The original perpetual license will still be active after the upgrade to V-Ray Collection discount is used.
  • Upgrade to V-Ray Collection discount offer is applied on 1-to-1 basis (1 single perpetual license to 1 V-Ray Collection license
*Offer is valid for perpetual licenses on all versions. Chaos Scans and V-Ray Render Node licenses are not eligible.

V-Ray Collection

Our most powerful software — V-Ray, Phoenix, Chaos Vantage, Chaos Scans, and Chaos Cloud — all in a single collection
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