Goodbye Kansas — Cyberpunk 2077 © 2020 CD PROJEKT S.A
Goodbye Kansas — Cyberpunk 2077 © 2020 CD PROJEKT S.A


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Want an early look at V-Ray 5 for Maya? Now’s your chance. Join our beta and share your feedback.

Introducing a redesigned V-Ray Frame Buffer with tools for light mixing and compositing built in, an all-new V-Ray Proxy node to boost viewport and render speed, and Light Path Expressions to output any lighting information into its own render element.


One render, many lighting scenarios

Explore different lighting options from a single render. Interactively adjust lights, without rerendering with the LightMix render element.

Layered compositing

The new Layer compositor lets you fine-tune your images directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer — without the need for a separate post-processing app.

Extra compositing control

Output any lighting contributions with Light Path Expressions for fine-grained control in compositing. Use boolean operations to easily combine LPEs, or quick start with built-in presets.

Faster V-Ray Proxy workflow

Improve viewport and render speed with the new VRay Proxy node - а simplified single geometry node structure with easy-to-use, rule-based material and visibility assignments.

And more — color management, GPU and material enhancements
ACEScg color space

Select industry-standard ACEScg for rendering with automatic color space adjustment for textures, dispersion, sun & sky, and light temperature colors.

Enhanced GPU Rendering

Power up your renders with all-new GPU features, including 2D displacement, support for OSL textures, memory tracking and initial out-of-core implementation to handle your largest scenes.

Coat layer

Add reflective coatings directly in V-Ray Material so you can render faster and more efficiently than using a blend material.

Sheen layer

Render soft microfiber fabrics like velvet, satin and silk with new Sheen options in the V-Ray Material.

New Sun and Sky model

A new Sun & Sky analytical model dramatically improves lighting at sunrise and sunset.

Blue-Noise sampling

Achieve better noise distribution with fewer samples.

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