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V-Ray 5 for Maya, update 1

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 See what's new in V-Ray 5 for Maya, update 1. 

 V-Ray 5, update 1 is Autodesk Maya 2022 compatible and adds new features and improvements to streamline your workflow and make collaboration faster and more efficient. With initial support for Pixar’s USD format, you can now easily transfer data between DCC tools without extra optimizations. 

Browse the newly added V-Ray Material Library, and make pixel-perfect adjustments to your image without re-rendering with support for masking in the VFB. And lots more.

Focus on creativity and efficient collaboration.

Initial support for Pixar's USD format

Work natively with USD to exchange information between DCC tools. Load and edit large amounts of data, without extra conversions, in no time. Faster, and more efficient collaboration between 3D artists in all industries.

V-Ray Material Library

Choose from a library of over 500 render-ready textured materials including metals, glass, wood, and more.

Streamlined workflow to help you work smart.

Pixel-perfect masks in the V-Ray Frame Buffer

Make pixel-perfect adjustments to your scene without re-rendering. Use any of V-Ray's masking render elements—Cryptomatte, MultiMatte, and Object/ Render/ Material IDs—to select and fine-tune parts of your render.

VRayEnvironmentFog color transparency

We’ve added colored transparency to VRayEnvironmentFog, making specific setups, like underwater shots, easier to create, more realistic, and faster to render.

Opacity Cutout Conversion

Convert opacity-mapped objects to actual geometry for faster rendering. This new feature will save time when rendering broad-leaved trees or other vegetation.

Faster results, superior quality.

New V-Ray Material translucency

Create true translucent materials with the updated V-Ray Material. Now with built-in volumetric random walk subsurface scattering, it’s easier than ever to render realistic skin, plastic, wax, and more.

GPU Light Cache and improved Out-of-core

The V-Ray Light Cache is now calculated on the GPU for faster render starts. Out-of-core now supports all V-Ray GPU features allowing any scene to exceed GPU memory for geometry.

Progressive caustics

Achieve real-world reflections and refractions with V-Ray's new progressively calculated caustics. It's easier to set up, without the need for pre-calculated photon maps.

And more…

V-Ray scene material importer

Importing materials from .vrscene files has been vastly improved. Imported shading networks include more native Maya nodes, and we've optimized the graph.

Cryptomatte in progressive rendering

The Cryptomatte render element is now supported with progressive rendering.

Intel® Open Image Denoise

New CPU-based AI denoiser engine, excellent for interactive rendering. Intel® Open Image Denoise cleans up noise fast and runs on any machine.

Additive Dome Lights

Combine HDRI sources for fast, creative lighting setups and accurate Light Mix.

Viewport improvements

VRayMtl coat and sheen layers are now in the viewport. Initial viewport implementation of VRayLayeredTex.

 This update is Autodesk Maya 2022 compatible. 

For even more V-Ray 5 for Maya features, check out our documentation page >

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