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Carlos Fueyo © playard studios
Carlos Fueyo © playard studios

V-Ray for Unreal

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Cloud rendering & baking. Automated data prep.

Now compatible with Unreal 4.25


Cloud rendering & baking

Directly from Unreal’s UI

Carlos Fueyo © playard studios
Chaos Cloud

Fast, simple cloud rendering and light baking, directly from Unreal Engine. Chaos Cloud handles everything for you automatically — from licensing and uploading your scenes to distributing your job across virtual machines.


Data prep automation 

Bring your V-Ray scenes into real-time

Carlos Fueyo © playard studios
Automated data prep from 3ds Max

Тhis new script makes it easier to convert 3ds Max data. It automatically unwraps objects and optimizes materials, so they’re ready to be imported and used in Unreal Engine.


Supporting the latest & greatest

Working seamlessly with the latest tech

Carlos Fueyo © playard studios
Substance support

Add your favorite textures created with Substance and V-Ray and bring your designs to life.

Unreal Sun & Sky

V-Ray now adds extra realism to Unreal’s Sun & Sky. Explore and visualize the impact of natural light and shadows on your designs across a variety of timespans.

Mesh light

Turn any object into an efficient light source thanks to the new Mesh light support.

Landscape (partial support)*

V-Ray is now capable of rendering a variety of terrains with different materials, slopes, heights and more.
*Limitations - The landscape specific material expressions are not supported.


Workflow improvements

Maximum creative control, minimum effort

Carlos Fueyo © playard studios

Аutomatically generates and stores object- or material-based masks. It’s perfect when you need to accurately select objects in post-production.

V-Ray Standalone baking

Free your computer memory by light baking in V-Ray Standalone. Export your .vrscene from Unreal Engine, then open it and bake in V-Ray Standalone.

Loading lightmap atlases

Speed up your workflow by loading previously rendered lightmap atlases. Cache the lighting in separate image files and reuse them later, or resume a previous baking process from the last atlas, bake just some parts of your level or even modify the lightmaps prior to import.

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