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One license. Infinite possibilities.

The ultimate 3D rendering and simulation toolset.

V-Ray Collection combines our most powerful software to provide you with everything you need without worrying about numerous licenses. Get V-Ray, Phoenix, Chaos Vantage, Chaos Cloud & Chaos Scans in a single collection.

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V-Ray for 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max 上最好的渲染器。为建筑,游戏,VFX 和 VR 的艺术家和设计师提供快速且写实的 CPU & GPU 渲染。
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V-Ray for Maya

经得起考验的 CPU & GPU 渲染器,适用于动画影视特效和虚拟现实行业。
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V-Ray for SketchUp

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V-Ray for Rhino

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V-Ray for Revit

面向建筑师的专业渲染器,与世界最顶尖的 BIM 软件无缝整合。
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V-Ray for Modo

为 MODO 艺术家和设计师提供的全功能 CPU & GPU 产品渲染器。
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V-Ray for Houdini

为程序工作流提供的强大的 CPU 和 GPU 渲染器。
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V-Ray for Nuke

为 VFX 行业 No.1 的合成软件制作的强大的光线追踪渲染器。
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V-Ray for Katana

为 KATANA - Foundry 的高端灯光和视觉效果设计软件而生的强大的产品渲染器。
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V-Ray for Unreal

把 V-Ray 场景转换成 Unreal 实时场景的最快速,最简单的方法,同时还可光线追踪渲染。
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V-Ray for Cinema 4D

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V-Ray Standalone

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V-Ray for Blender

为 Blender 用户制作的高级光线追踪渲染器。
*下载 V-Ray Blender (很快问世)

V-Ray Application SDK

高级软件开发包,可把 V-Ray 渲染技术与任何软件平台整合。
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Speed up your renders with Chaos Cloud.

It's as simple as pushing a button. Try now for 90 days.

A push-button cloud rendering service for artists and designers. No hardware to configure. No virtual machines to set up.

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Try Chaos Scans library free for 90 days.

The world's most realistic rendered materials.

Complex materials made simple. Materials that can take you hours to create by hand have been scanned to perfection. Over 1000 pre-made materials that are included and ready to drop into your next project.

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Phoenix for 3ds Max

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Phoenix for Maya

易于艺术家上手的动力学插件,用于在 Maya 中模拟烟雾火焰和流体效果。
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Take advantage of our professional image sequence viewer and player.



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