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Real-time rendering

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What is real-time rendering?

Rendering is the process of producing an image from 3D data. Real-time rendering refers to the production of many sequential images to allow for movement and interaction within an animated 3D scene. The speed at which images are displayed per second is measured by a quantity called frame rate, which. The widely accepted minimum frame rate for real-time rendering is 24 frames per second (fps). Rendering can produce different levels of photorealism, depending on the time spent generating the image. 

The goal of real-time rendering is to achieve the highest visually consistent level of photorealism at a frame rate of 24 fps or more.

Benefits of real-time rendering.

Learn what ray tracing in real time can give you.

Create interactive experiences, and make changes to your project instantly, displaying its current state at all times.

Faster rendering

Cut down render times and get results more quickly.

Ray-traced quality

Chaos Vantage uses physically based cameras, lights, materials, and global illumination for the most realistic results.

Remote collaboration

Easily collaborate and share visual media with clients and partners and shorten feedback iterations.

Smoother decision making

Real-time enhances quality during previz, so it’s easier to make informed choices.

Immersive storytelling

Real-time’s interactive and collaborative capabilities enhance presentations and enable better storytelling.

Real-time rendering software from Chaos

Get started with Chaos Vantage — your fastest route to real-time.

Chaos Vantage is a real-time pre-visualization and scene exploration tool. Its technology utilizes the NVIDIA RTX GPUs and it’s built to handle massive scenes with zero preparation time to offer a real-time fully ray-traced experience.  

Brick Visual goes real-time.

We invited Brick Visual to explore their most complex arch-viz scenes with Chaos Vantage (formerly Project Lavina). 

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Technical requirements

Supported platforms 

  • Chaos Vantage works with .vrscene files exported from V-Ray Next or V-Ray 5.
  • We recommend using V-Ray 5 for an ultimate experience. 
  • Chaos Vantage works with a live link from 3ds Max. 

See a detailed list of supported features per host platform >

System requirements

  • Windows 10 with Update 1809 or later
  • NVIDIA RTX GPU (maximum of two)
  •  NVIDIA Driver 436 or later (recommended version 466.11) 
  • System RAM should equal or exceed GPU memory

See detailed requirements >

Explore real-time rendering without limits.

Get Chaos Vantage today! It's free until December 2, 2021.
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