Student rendering challenge | October 8 – November 23, 2018

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© Supinfocom


Master the Art of V-Ray



Special pricing for students is available for most versions of V-Ray, PhoenixFD, and VRScans and is for a single one year license. Upgrades are included over the course of the year. Students must provide proof of current enrollment at an academic institution to qualify for academic pricing.


* The following products are available to students: V-Ray for Autodesk 3DS Max, V-Ray for Autodesk Maya, V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Rhino, V-Ray for Revit, V-Ray for MODO, V-Ray for Nuke, Phoenix FD for 3ds Max, Phoenix FD for Maya, PdPlayer, VRScans

* The number of academic licenses of any product is limited to one per student. Prices do not include taxes.

*The V-Ray academic license can only be used for educational purposes and cannot be transferred.



Student success stories

© Filmakademie

Andreas Feix and Francesco Faranna’s short film Citipati is the latest student short from the Filmakademie to be bestowed with the award. It’s not hard to see why it caught the judges’ attention: it ambitiously tells the tale of the dying moments of an ostrich-sized dinosaur as meteors destroy the world around it.

© The Animation Workshop
Roommate Wanted

Everyone can relate to the story of the roommate from hell. They’re usually either too messy, or too tidy, and the fact that you have to spend most of your quality time with this person only makes matters worse. But what if your co-habitee is actually a zombie?

Learning Resources

Want some help learning V-Ray?

We’ve created some scenes to give you a head start learning V-Ray. Each scene includes complete assets and renders to download that you can use for reference. Enjoy!


Note: You’ll need a free Chaos Group account to download a scene. Click on an image to get started.