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Download the Project Lavina, beta

With its all-new animation editor, now’s the perfect time to take part in the Project Lavina, beta and explore your V-Ray scenes in fully ray-traced real-time.

 With Project Lavina, you're just a couple of clicks away from exploring your largest projects in real-time. Load V-Ray scenes from your favorite creation tool without any additional data preparation and explore them in full detail within a completely ray-traced environment.  

The most recent beta build includes an all-new animation editor. Now, you can create, edit and render animated 3D sequences directly in Project Lavina, enabling you to explore ideas before sending them to clients and co-workers.

After loading their V-Ray scene into Lavina, you can start animating using a simple key-based method. Using cameras set in 3D applications or Lavina as markers, you can direct the editor through the various milestones, manipulating transition time and moves at will. A new tool helps Lavina keep track of new cameras/poses during this process, ensuring scene consistency when you want to fine-tune in your 3D application.

Want to see Project Lavina in action? Read Brick Visual’s blog post to find out how they are using it with complex arch-viz scenes and join them for a webinar on July 22.

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