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V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D, update 1

A whole new rendering experience — and beyond.
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 See what's new in V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D, update 1.

Reimagine the way you work with materials. Update 1 allows you to easily view and manage your entire V-Ray shading network, using Cinema 4D’s latest Material Node Editor. 

Plus, it adds even more workflow optimizations to help you save time, like creating pixel-perfect masks right in the V-Ray Frame Buffer, rendering multiple Dome Lights at the same time, relighting your scene even after you’ve rendered and more.

Reimagine your material workflow

Experience node-based material editing and easily create true-to-life translucent materials.
Node-based material editing

With support for Cinema 4D’s latest node-based material editing system, you can now easily view and manage your entire V-Ray shading network—all the way from creating materials and textures to adding the finishing touches.

New V-Ray Material Translucency

It’s now easier than ever to render photorealistic skin, plastic, wax, and more. The updated V-Ray Material with built-in volumetric subsurface scattering lets you create translucent materials in just a few clicks.

Go beyond rendering

Relight and composite from a single render.
Multiple additive Dome Lights

You can now render multiple Dome Lights at the same time. Direct support in Light Mix makes it easier than ever to mix light sources and relight your scene even after you’ve rendered.

Pixel-perfect masks in the V-Ray Frame Buffer

Fine-tune parts of your render using any of V-Ray's masking render elements—Cryptomatte, MultiMatte, and Object/Render/Material IDs. No need to re-render or go to another app.

And much more

Progressive caustics

Add realism to your renders with V-Ray’s new progressively calculated caustics, helping you achieve real-world reflections and refractions faster. And it’s easier to set up, without the need for pre-calculated photon maps.

V-Ray Fur

Render realistic hair and fur faster than ever before using V-Ray’s procedural fur. Simulate realistic grass, fabrics, carpets, hair, and much more.

V-Ray Clipper

Create quick cutaways and section renders with V-Ray Clipper. Convert any scene object to a clipper.

Save time. Get creative. Go beyond rendering.  

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