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© Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Introducing V-Ray for Houdini — Now in Beta

Powerful rendering for visual effects

Production-proven Academy Award-winning ray traced rendering with a full suite of tools to create photorealistic imagery and animation.


Built to handle the absolute toughest projects and largest scenes.


Highly optimized, adaptive ray tracing for exceptional speed and scalability.


Full creative control over lighting and look development with a versatile collection of shaders, textures, lights and render controls.


Integrated seamlessly into SideFX Houdini and designed to fit any production pipeline.


Top artists and studios rely on V-Ray everyday to create award-winning animation & visual effects.


New features in V-Ray for Houdini beta 2
Houdini 17 Banshee support

V-Ray for Houdini fully supports the latest Houdini 17 Banshee release.

AI Denoiser in IPR

The GPU-accelerated NVIDIA AI Denoiser is now available for interactive rendering in the viewport with V-Ray IPR.

GPU material assignments

Per-Primitive Material Assignment is now supported on the GPU, allowing artists to utilize Stylesheets and the Material SOP.

GPU Bucket Rendering

Faster multi-GPU performance and added support for Cryptomatte render elements.

Light Select render element support

Render individual lights or groups of lights as separate render elements for accurate light mixing in post.

Texture baking

Bake lighting and textures for game assets and real-time environments.

V-Ray Scene material overrides

Automatically recreates fully adjustable material node hierarchies from V-Ray scene files.

Unified Workflow for Custom Attributes

Use a single User Color node to control custom attributes for any type of geometry including splines and particles.


Powerful & fast rendering

High-performance GPU & CPU rendering capabilities for high-speed look development and final frame rendering.

Volume Rendering

Fast, accurate illumination and rendering of VDB volumes through the V-Ray Volume Grid.

In beta 2, volume rendering on macOS is not supported yet.

V-Ray Scene support

Easily transfer and override the properties of V-Ray scenes from applications such as Maya and 3ds Max.

Alembic support

Full support for Alembic workflows including transformations, instancing and per object material overrides.

Physical hair

New Physical Hair shader renders realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights.

In beta 2, only hair as SOP geometry is supported.


Drive shader parameters such as color, alpha and particle size through custom, per-point attributes.

Packed primitives

Fast and efficient handling of Houdini's native packed primitives at render time.

Material stylesheets

Full support for material overrides based on groups, bundles and attributes.

In beta 2, VEX and per-primitive string overrides such as texture randomization are not yet supported.


Supports copying any object type (including volumes) using Packed Primitives, Instancer, and "instancepath" attribute.

Light instances

Instancing of lights is supported, with options for per-instance overrides of the light parameters. Light link settings are kept.