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© Thomas Klyhn Christensen
© Thomas Klyhn Christensen

V-Ray for Houdini — Key features

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High-performance ray tracing

Powerful CPU and GPU-accelerated rendering built for the demands of high-end production.

Volume rendering

Fast and accurate rendering of native Houdini volumes and OpenVDB caches.

Multi-GPU production rendering

GPU bucket rendering with fast multi-GPU performance and support for Cryptomattes.

Unified Workflow for Custom Attributes

Control custom attributes of geometry (including splines and particles) with the User Color node.

Interactive Rendering

Interactive look development supported in the Houdini render view.

Debug Shading

Isolate selected textures and materials to help debug large shading networks in IPR.

Light Mix

Easily create different lighting scenarios without having to render again — save your light mix setup, send the layers to comp, and update the lights in the scene.

Layer Compositor

With the VFB’s new Layer Compositor you can fine-tune your images — combine render passes, set blending modes, and adjust colors all within V-Ray.

Simplified ACEScg workflow

Enable ACEScg so V-Ray 5 can automatically convert the colors of textures, light temperatures, etc. to the correct color space, without the need of additional nodes.


© Daniel Kho
Adaptive Lights

Unique method for ultrafast rendering of scenes with hundreds or even thousands of lights.

© Aardman
Global Illumination

Highly optimized indirect lighting with V-Ray's proprietary Light Cache and brute force GI methods.

Light Instances

Instance lights with full control over per-instance light parameters, without affecting light link settings.


V-Ray Material Library

Efficiently browse from a library of over 500 render-ready materials including metals, glass, wood and more.

Material Stylesheets

Support for material overrides* based on groups, bundles and attributes.

*VEX and per-primitive string overrides such as texture randomization are not yet supported.

V-Ray Scene Material Overrides

Automatically import material node hierarchies from V-Ray® scene files and make changes in Houdini.

Physical Hair

Create realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights using the V-Ray Physical Hair material.

*Currently supports hair as SOP geometry

PBR Materials

The standard V-Ray Material supports Metalness reflection values for PBR shader workflows.

Alsurface Material

Physically-based shader with built-in SSS controls, popular for rendering realistic skin.

GPU Material Assignments

Per-Primitive Material Assignment is now supported on the GPU, allowing artists to utilize Stylesheets and the Material SOP.


Texture Baking

Create texture maps with all the lighting and material information for game assets and real-time environments.

Randomized Textures and Colors

For more realistic textures and materials, add variety and subtle imperfections with the new VRayUVWRandomizer map and improved VRayMultiSubTex controls.

Custom Attribute Texture Paths

Simpler randomization of textures with support for per-face and per-primitive string attributes.


V-Ray Scene Exchange

Transfer and override the properties of V-Ray scenes from other apps like Maya and 3ds Max.


Instance any object type (including volumes) using Packed Primitives, Instancer and "instancepath" attributes.

Packed Primitives

Efficient handling of Houdini's native packed primitives for instancing at render time.

Alembic Support

Support for Houdini's native Alembic layering, transformations, instancing and per-object material overrides.


Drive shader parameters such as color, alpha and particle size through custom per-point attributes.

V-Ray Fur

Fast rendering of realistic fur and hair with V-Ray Fur.

VRscene Unpacking

Directly import assets from other DCC tools without the need to rebuild materials.

Faster Time to First Pixel

Faster geometry export for quick render startup.

Massive Instancing

Memory efficient instancing of large hierarchies of objects.

Atmospheric & volumetric effects

Environment Fog

Quickly simulate the effects of participating media such as fog and atmospheric dust.

Aerial Perspective

Create natural-looking atmospheric depth as objects fade into the distance.

Volume Instancing

Added support for instancing of volumetric effects.

Geometry management

Render Elements

Render any set of lights (including wildcard selections) as separate render elements.

Light Select Render Element

Render a wide variety of beauty, utility and matte passes for complete control in compositing.

Custom AOVs

Smoother export of textures and procedural maps to custom render elements.

Light Path Expressions

For better control in compositing, construct your own render passes. Output specific light contributions with timesaving presets or by writing custom expressions.

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