Articles in CG Garage

David Schaefer & Dmitriy Glazyrin — Co-Founders, Mondlicht Studios

How do you turn a building into a ship? CG advertising specialists David Schaefer and Dmitriy Glazyrin talk about the tech behind their huge images and videos.

Bilali Mack — Visual Effects Supervisor, Alkemy X

Flame artist turned VFX sup Bilali Mack tells Chris about working on “Let Him Go” and “Powerbook II: Ghost” — and how he tells stories with smoke and blood.

Alessandro Cangelosi — Freelance Lighting TD, FX TD and Instructor

Working from Rome: VFX freelancer Alessandro Cangelosi tells Chris how he tackled shots on “Independence Day: Resurgence” and “2012,” and his new teaching role.

Babak Bina — Senior 3D Generalist, Director and Instructor

Babak Bina creates VFX for Hollywood movies, leads Gnomon Workshop classes — and he also directs short films. Find out more about this man of many talents.

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This year, Chris has welcomed industry legends Doug Trumbull, Gary Yost, Tim Miller - and more - to the CG Garage podcast. Discover the highlights in his top 7.

Dwayne Burgess, concept artist — “Fargo” and “American Ninja Warrior”

Concept artist Dwayne Burgess talks about helping with set designs on “Fargo” and “American Ninja Warrior” — and how V-Ray for SketchUp has changed his workflow.

Shannon Wiggins — Director of Placement & Alumni Relations, Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Gnomon doesn’t just teach students VFX — it also gets them jobs at illustrious studios. Meet Shannon Wiggins, the woman behind the school’s 97% placement rate.

Al Quattrocchi — Creative Director & Principal at Tornado Creative LA/Salty Fly Fisherman

Al Quattrocchi has combined a successful career in graphic design with a passion for fly fishing. He tells Chris about winning Grammys and catching corbinas.

Yining Karl Li — Senior Software Engineer, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Meet Yining Karl Li, the software engineer who’s helped Disney create the Hyperion rendering tech behind “Big Hero 6,” “Moana” and “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

Mike Campau — Digital Artist

Mike Campau’s visuals seamlessly blend photography, retouching and CGI for hyperreal results. He tells Chris about his approaches to work and going freelance.

Gary Yost — 3ds Max Development Team Leader & WisdomVR Project Founder

Chris celebrates episode 300 with Gary Yost, the father of 3D Studio and 3ds Max. Hear the stories behind Autodesk’s seminal software and Gary’s short films.

Lou Pecora — Visual Effects Supervisor

“Legion,” “Fargo” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” effects supervisor Lou Pecora returns to the podcast to talk about working up the VFX ladder and COVID-19 downtime.

Scott Meadows — Head of Visualization and Virtual Production, Digital Domain

Previz has evolved from a useful pre-production tool to an all-encompassing part of the moviemaking process — and Scott Meadows has seen it all. He tells Chris his story.

Shuzo Shiota — President/CEO, Polygon Pictures

Shuzo Shiota’s Polygon Pictures has produced TV shows including “Star Wars” and “Transformers.” He explains how Japan’s art has found a big audience in the west.

Matt Akey and Aldo Ruggiero — Crafty Apes, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”

Heads up! Crafty Apes’ Matt Akey and Aldo Ruggiero on how they helped director McG create a potent mix of slapstick and gore for “The Babysitter: Killer Queen.”

Allan McKay — VFX Supervisor & Technical Director

This podcast could change your career: Allan McKay tells Chris how to create the perfect reel, become a successful freelancer — and find your true worth.

Maciej Kuciara — Concept Artist & Director

Maciej Kuciara has created concept art for everything from “The Last of Us” to “Blade Runner 2049.” Find out how “Showtime” has brought his own vision to life.

Asuka Tohda-Kinney — CG Supervisor, Digital Domain

DD’s Asuka Tohda-Kinney has worked on “I, Robot,” “The Twilight Zone” — and the cover of TIME magazine. Find out how she’s mastered both coding and creativity.

Jeff Mottle — CEO and Founder, CGarchitect

CGarchitect founder Jeff Mottle has rebuilt his influential site as an AI-powered all-encompassing platform for the arch-viz industry. Listen to find out more.

Jose Gomez — Executive Creative Director, ATK PLN

From skateboards to storyboards: Jose Gomez has founded fashion companies and created stunning motion graphics and commercials. He tells Chris his amazing story.

Mengyi Fan & Samantha Anderson — SHoP Architects

From Brooklyn to Botswana: SHoP Architects visualization pros Mengyi and Sam on the tech they use to create beautiful buildings and oversee construction remotely.

V-Ray 5 with Chaos Group’s Alex Yolov and Peter Matanov

Chaos Group has reinvented rendering with V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max and Maya. Alex Yolov and Peter Matanov tell Chris about the journey behind the software’s features.

Aron Hjartarson — Executive Creative Director, Framestore LA

Icelander Aron Hjartarson explains how his passion for CG has whisked him from Coca-Cola commercials to big-budget movies including “Gravity” and “Contraband.”

Hao Li — CEO and Co-Founder, Pinscreen

Soon, our virtual clones will look and act just like us. Meet genius Hao Li and find out how his Pinscreen software captures and creates accurate digital humans.