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Boost your productivity with V-Ray Next for Revit, update 1

Revit 2021 and NVIDIA RTX support available now in V-Ray Next for Revit, as well as all-new features to make your rendering experience smoother, easier and faster.

With the latest V-Ray Next for Revit update, we’ve made it even more effortless to create great-looking renders. See the highlights in this video.

New and improved features in V-Ray Next for Revit, update 2 include:

  • View-specific settings — Render and maintain multiple views with individual lighting, mood and composition.
  • Batch rendering — Leave V-Ray to render multiple project images while you are away.
  • Revit Solar Study support — V-Ray now adds extra realism to Revit’s Solar Study.
  • Transfer Auto values — Reduce the amount of time you spend adjusting renders with automatically calculated exposure and white balance values.
  • Revit 2021 & NVIDIA RTX support — V-Ray now fully supports the latest version of Revit, and you can leverage your GPU’s performance with NVIDIA RTX card support.
  • Plus lots more — Want to know what else is new? Check out the full details.

Want to test out V-Ray Next for Revit for yourself? Try V-Ray Next for Revit free for 30 days.

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