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Matt Akey and Aldo Ruggiero — Crafty Apes, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”

Recently released on Netflix, The Babysitter: Killer Queen is director McG’s gory follow-up to his equally bloody 2017 comedy-horror, The Babysitter. Assisting with the blood, guts and mayhem this time is Crafty Apes, a rising studio that’s crafted effects for movies and TV series including Stranger Things, Thor: Ragnarok and Birds of Prey.

Joining Chris are Crafty Apes’ Executive VFX Producer Matt Akey and VFX Supervisor Aldo Ruggiero. As well as talking about working with McG on The Babysitter: Killer Queen’s invisible and very visible effects, they discuss where Crafty Apes fit into the overall scheme of effects houses, photogrammetry versus LIDAR, why they love working for streaming services and how they’re integrating virtual production into their future plans.


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0:00 Intro

7:49 Hanging out with Crafty Apes

10:52 Working with McG

17:49 BABYSITTER SPOILERS BEGIN — Old-school gore with new-school VFX

27:37 BABYSITTER SPOILERS END — The story of Crafty Apes

35:07 Why Crafty Apes is great to work for

46:46 Real-time experimentation

55:49 The costs of virtual production

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